Let me tell you if it’s not one thing it’s another.. so  May 2019 I was told my landlord was moving back into the home and we had to move. During that time the search for a home was on. Unfortunately due to credit, income and everyone wanting to move to vegas the search was harder and the competition was high…  Days before June 1st I found a condo unfortunately it wasn’t ready it was due to be ready June 7. OK, I could wait 7 days. So at that point we placed a deposit moved everything into storage, stayed in a hotel and patiently waited for June 7th.

Well here comes June 7th and the place is not ready, with false hopes and wishes we were told it would be a few more days……. the hotel became expensive with 4 kids eating out paying hotels and everything else life has to offer we ended up moving in with my brother in law..

Now we’re at the 18th of June we’re told the property is ready come sign the lease and do a walk through.. excitement kicks in but in the back of my mind my heart is racing with nervousness. (Why am I so damn nervous) I get to the place and the s*** looks like it was never touched the full month! I mean Kitchen cabinets missing appliances in the living room, closet doors off the henges, bathroom vanity gone Smh I was pissed, raging with emotion ready to get my deposit back…. My kids are restlesss and tired of sleeping in the living room on the floor and couch.. still blessed that we have a place to stay but as a mother it’s hard hey I’m only human. I asked God what am I doing wrong, ready to give up on everything, feeling like a failure as a mother, feeling like I disappointed my kids I felt like my strength wasn’t as strong as I thought! Then I realized I am so much more stronger then this God wouldn’t put anything on me i couldn’t handle. I took a deep breathe and said “I can make it through this even when I think I can’t!” Asked my kids what they wanted to do, look for another place or wait it out?! They decided to wait it out as they were zoned for schools they wanted to go to. At that moment I began to make the best of the situation and just live in the moment.

With that being said when you think your not Strong you look at a situation and say it could be worse, you become stronger than you think. Trust me it’s not easy but it’s life.