Does one crying out for help make them weak?! NO! it makes you stronger. 

When emotions are held back, the emotional energy gets congested in the body then one results to Drugs and alcohol as they are anesthetizing, numbing the mind as well as the body. 

Being stronger means honoring your feelings by allowing yourself to feel and express them, it means, asking for help when the weight of the world is against you, it means giving yourself permission to get the help you need and setting boundaries by taking care of yourself.. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your NOT weak your stronger for taking that next step to better you! 🙏🏽

I’ve cried countless times for years got myself sick and sicker, never spoke to anyone about my depression cause I was afraid of what people would think me. Would they call me weak minded always worried about the next. I fell deeper and deeper into depression, with suicidal thoughts. Then when I did speak to people I felt like they didn’t understand me, i was in a dark place I allowed those negative thoughts in my mind control me by thinking there was no way out, no one cares, that i would be a burden full of drama.. I had to look at the bigger me, and think do i want to continue to live in this dark place or do i want to see sunshine which is filled happiness?! I began the healing process by allowing only positivity into my life, not being afraid to ask for help and not being afraid to ACCEPT it.

Slowly but but surely that darkness is becoming brighter, I’m healing and heading towards a brighter future 😉