Beyond Skin Deep!

       Made Stronger Essentials and the Made Stronger Foundation was founded By Sharon Renee, a Wife, and mother of 4. Sharon created her business during difficult times of trauma and tragedy. As a lived experience to suicide, physical health disadvantages, past traumas of sexual and verbal abuse she battled with severe depression, anxiety and attempted to end her life. While in inpatient treatment, she was given coping strategies/skills to deal with stressful situations in life such as prayer, journaling and developed her passion for making body care (Lou Beauti) Not only did making products help with coping with mental health, but it helped target her children’s eczema, our dry and dehydrated skin to maintain healthy, glowing skin!

      Made Stronger Essentials is a brand with a host of products under their belt. We want to provide the essentials needed to live a stressless life, as God created us not to worry. When utilizing coping strategies and skills to minimize and deal with the stressful situations in life you find grace and peace. We are Beyond Skin Deep!


Instagram: @MadeStrongerEssentials