Beyond Skin Deep!

Founded by Sharon Renee, a wife and mother of four, Made Stronger Essentials and the Made Stronger Foundation emerged during challenging periods of trauma and tragedy. Sharon’s personal journey, marked by physical health challenges and past traumas, including sexual and verbal abuse, led her to battle severe depression and anxiety, even attempting to end her life.

During inpatient treatment, she discovered coping strategies such as prayer and journaling, eventually channeling her passion into creating body care products under the brand Lou Beauti. Not only did this endeavor aid in coping with mental health, but it also addressed her children’s eczema and maintained healthy, glowing skin for all.

Made Stronger Essentials offers a diverse range of products with a mission to provide the essentials necessary for a stress-free life, echoing the belief that, as God created us, worry should not consume us. Through coping strategies and skills, the brand aims to guide individuals toward grace and peace, emphasizing that their impact goes beyond the surface – We are Beyond Skin Deep!