I was severely depressed. For years I’ve been having unknown symptoms of things going on with my body from headaches to feeling lightheaded and dizzy, muscle weakness, balance loss with falls,  confusion, brain fog, fatigue, nausea, loss of interest in life, forgetfulness, numbness and tingling all over body mainly in the arms and legs, clawed hands after holding objects, abdominal pains, , insomnia, constipation, nervous jittery feelings through my body. These happen on a daily but when I go to the hospital it goes to a 10 with chest pain rapid heart rate back pain with spasms, muscle spams in my legs and calf’s, anxiety, extreme fatigue, heavy legs to where I feel like either on moment I have rubber bands wrapped around my legs to where they’re to heavy and painful to move them the jittery feeling goes from a 3 to a 10 when I feel worse temperature will go up when I don’t even know it, awakening at night for days at a time with chest pains and racing heart.

After so many years of dealing with this and no resolution no answer my job of 8 years was on the line, to eventually losing my job, my life my career. I tried so so hard to fight for my job tried protecting it with FMLA gave everything I had and still loss to a unknown disease or illness that’s running through my body. I loss my family my personal spark my life to deal and be happy with my kids  it damaged my heart to where I can’t find any happiness as hard as I try.. drink, take pills, sleep and that cycled continued. I was so lost.